3 Steps for a Perfect Daily Schedule

 3 Steps for a  Perfect Daily  Schedule

3 Steps for a  Perfect Daily  Schedule


Remember, If you're putting in the effort

to build a daily routine to be more

productive and effective, it will all be for

nothing if you sacrifice sleep.

It's best practice to set aside between 7

to 9 hours per night.

Also, those who treat exercise with a

high degree of importance have the

edge over those who don't.


3. Putting it in Action

How can you make it easier for the

future you to follow the plan?

» Use a calendar, save a screenshot of

your schedule on your phone, stick it to

the wall/on your desk, etc.

» Set morning alarms across the room.

»Allocate time to review the results of

your routine (reflect on what did work

and what didn't)

Make adjustments if needed!


»Determine when these occur to

reduce mental energy.

»Have it already figured out.

»Enough sleep and regular exercise ->

cognitive boost

» Do not eat too late at night


Step 2: Adjusting the details

Optimize your focused work and study


When are you the most able to


Example of focused study block: at

least 2-4 hours


Breaks are essential.

» You can have productive breaks (run

errands, take a shower, etc.) -> mental

recovery to avoid burnout.

» Exercise during breaks! for example,

go on walks

»To maintain your sanity: watch your

fav show, read, play (board games), etc

»Practice mindfulness and reflection

anytime during the day (Journaling or

meditation are very effective)


Step 1. Laying the foundation

Daily routine foundational pillars

(important and non-negotiable):

wake uptime

- exercise regimen


wind downtime (when you go to



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