5 Habits that make your anxiety worse:

 5 Habits that  make your  anxiety worse:

5 Habits that  make your  anxiety worse:


5.Too much caffeine

According to a study published in the US

National Library of Medicine, people who

suffer from anxiety can end up worsening

their day by caffeine intake.

Because it makes your heartbeat rise, and

that's one of the physical symptoms of a

full-blown panic attack.

Try warm water with lemon as a substitute.

It is refreshing, and it also keeps you

healthy by flushing out all the toxins.


4. You skip the gym/exercise

We live in a time where our lifestyle

demands us to be sedentary for long


Especially sitting for long hours at a

stretch can make you feel more anxious.

Even mild physical activity such as

walking can reduce the feeling of anxiety.

All that time sweating in the gym may be

making you more healthy physically


as well as mentally.


3. You overanalyze every little

Rumination is a cognitive pattern of

repeatedly thinking about a situation rather

than taking action to resolve it.

It can lead to negative mood states such as

depression and anxiety.

» Ask yourself if there's anything you can do

about your issue.

» Jot down a few solutions and start

working on them.

» Learn to tolerate uncertainty.


2. You're dehydrated

Dehydration causes stress, and when

your body is stressed, you experience

depression and anxiety as a result.

Drink plenty of water throughout the

day to stave off any thirsty mood


To increase your water intake:

» Keep water close.

»Set alarms.

» Monitor your intake

» Eat water-rich fruits and vegetables.


1. Skipping meals

We skip meals to support our extremely

hectic lifestyle.

It makes your blood sugar levels drop,

which will end up making you feel more

irritable and anxious.

You must try to take out at least fifteen

minutes, even on the busiest of days, to

make sure you're not skipping meals.



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