5 Reasons Why We Don't Stick to Things

5 Reasons  Why We  Don't Stick  to Things

5 Reasons  Why We  Don't Stick  to Things


5. We renegotiate

We say we're going to do something, but

when the time comes, we're overcome

with temptation, discomfort, and


So we begin to say,

"Well, I'll still do it, but in 5 minutes afterI

check my messages.

The practice of renegotiating with ourselves

is one of the most damaging to the habit of

self-discipline and gaining faith in ourselves.


4. Instant gratification

When we sense the need for instant

satisfaction and frequent stimulation, we can

lose motivation to pursue goals that don't

yield immediate results.

Short-term gratification will sabotage your

long-term goals.

If you keep putting off your idea, remind yourself

of the positive rewards you'll experience it you

get started.


3. We run from discomfort

When the exercise habit (or meditation)

gets uncomfortable, we stop enjoying it,

and make up excuses to put it off.

Begin to appreciate this practice opportunity,

viewing it as a beautiful feeling of getting

better at something, of learning and finding a

way to be uncomfortable.


2. We just forget

We make a firm commitment to ourselves

to meditate every day. Then comes the

morning, and we simply forget.

We remember later, but we'd too busy at the

time. We forget again the next morning.

Put a reminder note on your wall

Put reminders on your phone and PC

Just make sure that you see it when the

time comes.


1. We don't take it seriously

Most of the time, we just make a half-

hearted commitment to anything, much

like being in a half-hearted relationship.

You'll be out of it eventually if you make that

kind of commitment.

Write it down.

Make a plan, even if it's just a short one.

.Commit to someone else.

Set up reminders.


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