5 Steps to wake up early without feeling tired:

 5 Steps to wake  up early without  feeling tired:

5 Steps to wake  up early without  feeling tired:


5. Cut down on the caffeine

Coffee affects everyone differently.

Coffee works by affecting a chemical that

regulates the circadian rhythm of the


Once all the caffeine is absorbed by the

body (which mostly happens within 455

minutes), it can cause you to feel sleepy.

Little amounts of caffeine in the morning

can be good for you and wake you up as


For some, their reason for waking up is to

drink coffee.


4. Eat breakfast, but avoid
sugary foods until noon

Eating a hearty and healthy breakfast will

give you the energy to get through the day.

Avoid foods with added sugars as they

may trigger a glucose drop and leave you

feeling weary.

A study by the Nevada Journal of Public

Health found the connection between

carbohydrate intake and fatigue and

showed a direct relationship.

Additionally, it said that a low-carb diet

would improve cognition and mood.


3.Stretch in bed and get some

Exercising is your body's natural way of

waking itself after being (mostly) immobile

during the night.

If you have time, I suggest go for a:

» quick jog

»bike ride

»quick stretching exercises

It might feel exhausting and less motivated

initially, but you'll notice a change in your

energy levels, and soon you will be on the

right track.


2. Wake yourself up with water

Keep a glass of water next to yourself

and take a generous sip to wake

yourself up.

Another way to wake yourself up with

water is to try a cold shower in the



1. Fix your sleep schedule and
practice good sleep hygiene

If you regularly feel tired throughout the

day, you are probably not giving your body

enough rest at night.

Take a look at some suggestions from the

National sleep foundation:

» Get rid of all distractions at least an hour

before you sleep.

» Make sure your room is cool and dark and

that you stop eating at least two hours

before you sleep

» Go to bed and wake up at around the

same time daily to regulate your circadian



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