5 Things to Keep in Mind When Creating Habits:

 5 Things to  Keep in Mind  When Creating  Habits:

5 Things to  Keep in Mind  When Creating  Habits:


5. Reward Yourself

When you follow and execute your plan,

reward yourself.

It's how the brain knows that you did

something good.

It makes your brain cells become green and

give you an instant boost of endorphins.

Don't reward too much; the reward must be

something special and hard to obtain.


4. Punish Yourself

You need to punish bad behavior and

reward good behavior when changing


You want to tell your brain that there

are real consequences to missing your

daily habits.


»Doubling the workout next day.

» Take an extreme cold shower.

»Buy a gift for your least liked person.


3. Habits Are Never Fully

Most of the habits don't become automatic;

they become a lifestyle.

You will not automatically "wake up" in the

gym and wonder how you got there.

It's a decision you don't ponder on or think

about-you simply do it.


2. Those Who Track It, Hack It

You can objectively tell what you did in

the past days, weeks, months, and

years when you track an activity.

If you don't track, you will forget

everything you did.

Try these Habit Tracking Apps:





Remember to focus on what really

matters: building good habits; instead

of finding the perfect way to track.


1.Start Small

Don't make the biggest mistake of

going big.

Start small with your good habits and

focus on one habit at a time.

If you want to:

»Read more - start with 1 page

»Quit smoking - 1 less cigarette a day

»Eat less ice cream- eat one scoop less

Starting big generally leads to failure

simply because it's not sustainable.


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