5 Ways to Start Working on Self- improvement

 5 Ways to  Start Working  on Self-  improvement

5 Ways to  Start Working  on Self-  improvement

1.Read Every Day

Books are concentrated reservoirs of


The more books you read, the more wisdom

you will encounter.

To develop a reading habit

.Set a goal

.Create a reading list

Schedule a time for reading

Eliminate distractions

.Keep a reading journal

2.Start Your Life Handbook

Your handbook is intended to be your

guide to living.

It should include anything and everything

that is important to living our best lives.

To fill in your handbook:

.Your life purpose/vision/mission.

Your values.

Your strengths.

Your improvement areas.

Your long-term/short-term life goals

3. Get out of Your Comfort

Hard work and sweat are required for true

growth. Being too comfortable does not help

us grow; rather, it causes us to stagnate.

. Face your Fears

.Get Out There

.Learn new skills

.Travel to new places

.Changes to Your Daily Routine

4. Physical exercise

We stay fit by moving. The body is an

excellent source of information, and it

constantly communicates what it requires.

Taking care of the body in which we live is a

beautiful way of taking care of ourselves and

sustaining our development.

5. Affirmatios

Affirmations are a powerful tool for

expressing our intentions and reminding

ourselves of what we value.

When you repeat them frequently and believe

in them, you can begin to see positive results.

Positive words of affirmation:

am in command of my life.

Today will be a fantastic day.

.I focus on what I want.

.I'm capable of handling anything that

Comes my way.

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