6 Best Mental Health Advices I was Ever given

 6 Best Mental  Health Advices  I was Ever  given

6 Best Mental  Health Advices  I was Ever  given


6. Get help when you need it:

Seeking help is a sign of strength, not

a weakness.

And it is important to remember that

treatment is effective.

People who get appropriate care can

recover from mental illness and addiction

and lead full, rewarding lives.


5. Quiet your mind

Relaxation exercises and prayer can

improve your state of mind and outlook

on life.





Go Outdoors


Listen to Music

Research shows that meditation may help

you feel calm and enhance the effects of



4. Learn how to deal with stress

Like it or not, stress is a part of life. Practice

good coping skills:

.Tai Chi


.take a nature walk

play with your pet

try journal writing as a stress reducer.

Also, remember to smile and see the humor

in life.

Research shows that laughter can boost

your immune system, ease pain, relax your

body and reduce stress.


3. Surround yourself with good

People with strong family or social

connections are generally healthier than

those who lack a support network.

Make plans with supportive family

members and friends, or seek out

activities where you can meet new people,

Such as:



Dog Parks


.Local Meetups


2. Take care of your body

Physical well-being can aid mental


Make sure to:

Eat nutritious meals

Avoid smoking

Drink plenty of water

Exercise, which helps decrease

depression and anxiety and improve


.Get enough sleep.


1. Value yourself

Avoid self-criticism and treat yourself

with care and respect.

Make time for your hobbies and favorite

endeavors, or widen your horizons.

Do a daily crossword puzzle

. Start a garden

Take dance lessons

Learn to play an instrument

.Become fluent in arnother language.



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