6 Differences Between Leaders and Followers

 6 Differences  Between Leaders  and Followers

6 Differences  Between Leaders  and Followers


Followers Haven't Put in the

Effort that Leaders Have

It takes a lot of effort and a lot of hard

work to become a leader.

They are always a minority, so to

become one, you need to be working

a lot harder than you" re competition.

There's no right or wrong figure

regarding how many hours you've put

in; that's up to you to decide.


Followers Want to be Where

the Leaders are, but not

Become Them

Many of the followers don't want to be

a leader.

They just want to be where they are in

life and have what they have.

The fame and fortunes.

Most leaders want to lead; they love to

inspire everyone around them and

become the master at what they do.


Followers Follow Because

they are Afraid to Lead

Many of us may stay in being a follower

simply because we are afraid to

become the leader that everybody

looks up to and relies on.

When the opportunity comes, they are

afraid to stand up and say, "I will lead

the team."

They will wait for someone else to



Leaders Come up With

Original Ideas, Followers

Then use Them.

The leader will always be the one coming

up with the new ideas.

That's not because they're smarter than

you, or they have more experience, more

money, and better status than you.

Sure, it gives them an advantage, but it

doesn't mean that you can't come up with

great ideas, too.


Leaders Take The Initiative,

Followers Don't

People become leaders because

they took the initiative to get to that

position in the first place.

When they saw opportunities, they

took them for themselves instead of

waiting to see what others with a

better reputation did about it.


Leaders Don't Rely on Others

As followers, they're always relying on

someone else with whatever they may

be striving to do.

They're relying on them for information

for growth and trying things new to see

what works so that they don't have to.


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