6 Effective Strategies to Harness Motivation

 6 Effective  Strategies to  Harness  Motivation

6 Effective  Strategies to  Harness  Motivation


6. Identify Poor Habits,
Practices, and Patterns.

Fixing anything first requires


This can be difficult since identifying

weaknesses can make us feel bad

about ourselves.

But try to remember that everyone is

imperfect and avoid judging yourself



5. Anxiety, Stress, or

Those who are otherwise motivated

individuals can sometimes

experience a dip in tenacity.

This can occur when mental health

isn't at its best.

To deal with anxiety and stress, try:



»Enough sleep

» Conversations with friends/family

»Limit alcohol and caffeine


4. Feeling Overwhelmed.

If a person is really overwhelmed,

they may withdraw and avoid all of

the tasks they are meant to complete.

Try not to overdo and end up doing



3. Self-Doubt and a Fear of

Failure can bring many emotions:




» Worry

» Stress

Remember to start slow and small.

It will be easier to accomplish your



2. Lack of Self-Discipline.

Having a goal or mission is step one

but having the self-discipline to

conquer the task at hand is just as


It is never too late to start fostering

self-discipline, but it does require



1. Little or No Direction.

Some people may find themselves

"floating" through the day, week, or

months without much direction.

Having a:

»Simple daily to-do list

»Monthly goal list

»Five-year plan

They can inspire a positive trajectory.


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