6 Lies You Must Stop Telling Yourself

 6 Lies You  Must Stop  Telling Yourself

6 Lies You  Must Stop  Telling Yourself

1.You don't have enough time.

It is that you are not doing it because you

lack time.

In reality, you're not doing it because you don't

want to.

.There is always a way to organize your life

around whatever you want to do.

If you truly want to do something, you will

find a way to do it.

2. You start blaming others.

Blaming others for your mistakes or for

what isn't working for you.

t's about accepting that we aren't perfect

and that we make mistakes from time to


.It will assist you in maintaining healthy

relationships by expecting less and doing


3. It's impossible

When you say something is impossible,

you are essentially denying your own

capabilities from the start: You decide that

you are not capable.

Sometimes we do this because we are

afraid to challenge our beliefs and step

Outside of our comfort zone.

If we want to make things work, we have

the ability: we just need to go out there

and figure it out.

4. You believe that others
"can't understand."

You sometimes use this belief as an escape

to avoid hearing what you really need to hear.

You're never truly alone: many others have

Overcome similar challenges.

People genuinely care. I hey aren't robots;

they just aren't always available.

5. You rely on the adage "easier
said than done."

It's just a formality we use to avoid difficult

situations because we don't know the

solution yet.

It has an effect on our mindset.

It causes us to focus on the sensation of

effort rather than using our creativity to

devise a solution.

That is why it should be used with caution.

6. You don't know "how."

Nobody who has ever started anything has

ever had all the answers in advance.

It's unrealistic to expect this unless you live

the same day twice

.It is sufficient, to begin with, if you desire

something. Not knowing how is a lame

excuse for avoiding the effort.

If you truly want something, you will always

find a way.

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