6 Reasons Why You're Feeling Stuck In Life:

 6 Reasons  Why You're  Feeling  Stuck In Life:

6 Reasons  Why You're  Feeling  Stuck In Life:


6. You're Waiting For.. 

Deep down, I think all of us know what

we really want to do in life.

The thing is, we think that we can't pursue

Our pursuits until we have "all our ducks in

a row."

That doesn't come about by waiting for a

future that may never come.

It happens by looking for opportunities

right NOW.


5. You Won't Let Go Of Your

We can all list off reasons for why we're

not doing what we should be doing.

Whether it's because we're "too busy" or

"too fat," or we "don't like "or our

partner "doesn't understand us."

We all have excuses for why life is the way it


They really just create a story that we use to

define our limits and abilities.


4. You See Problems And

Stop judging everything (yourself

included) for shortcomings and failures.

Solving a problem requires us to consider

the solution, which comes from studying the

problem and working it out.

Once we focus on finding the solution, the

"problem Suddenly isn't as problematic


And whether we're doing math or we're

doing life, it's all about our approach.


3. You Want The "Comfort" Of
The Familiar

We know we should be pushing ourselves

to do new things and develop better


As much as we want to step up, we just don't.

Many people would say it's because we're

lazy, but that's not it at all.

Helpful or harmful, the brain likes to do what it

already knows.

The routine behaviors tie in fear of failure

and self-doubt, and your brain will be

hellbent on staying in its comfort zone.


2. You're Holding Onto Bad

There's a reason we aren't being

productive, and that's because we aren't

actually being productive.

There are things we're doing that are

sucking away precious time and energy.

To break bad habits:

.Know your triggers

Swap habits

.Be mindful

.Prepare for slipups


1. You Haven't Created Real

We want to be a millionaire all day, but

that only makes ita desire.

A real goal needs to pack an incentive that

inspires us to take action and look for


Start With SMART Goals

Be clear with your goal

Break it into Actionable Steps

Plan for Obstacles

Put in the Effort & Track Your Progress For

Long Term Success

SMART goals.

Use the SMART outline to set the right


Your goal should be:






Recap on the 6 reasons why
you're feeling stuck in life:

1. You haven't created real goals

2. You're holding onto bad habits

3. You want the comfort of the familiar

4. You see problems and setbacks

5. You won't let go of our story

6. You're waiting for...(insert reason here)


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