6 Situations Where You Must Stay Silent

 6 Situations Where You Must Stay Silent 

6 Situations Where You Must Stay Silent

1. When your opinion is irrelevant 

Be silent when; 

You don't know enough about a topic e Other people are experts 

 Your opinion has no impact on others 
It's often best to remain silent simply because it's the wisest thing to do. 

“The best response to someone who doesn't appreciate your words is silence." 

2. During arguments. 

We tend to lose control if you're upset or angry. 

Debating is OK with anyone, but if it turns into an argument, you should stop. 

We tend to lose control when we are angry, So it's best to stay silent and calm down. 
It is difficult, but you must make it a habit. 

3.When your words will be hurtful. 

You should not speak up when your words are more likely to be hurtful than useful. 

When we choose to be hurtful, we often are angry or tired or upset, 

4. When your judgment is clouded 

When you're having trouble thinking clearly, it's best to wait a few moments before speaking up. 

You can discuss it later if you give your ideas time to mature and still think the same way. 
But not when you are emotionally or otherwise compromised. 

5.When you are unaware of the facts. 

Don't speak up when you've just heard one side of the story. 

Before you share your thoughts, make sure you're well-informed. 

6. When you are talking toa closed-minded person. 

Just keep your ideas to yourself and 
recognize that these people will only understand from their own point of view. 

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