7 Deadly Sins of Speaking You Should Avoid

 7 Deadly Sins  of Speaking  You Should  Avoid

7 Deadly Sins  of Speaking  You Should  Avoid


"Remember not only to say the right

thing in the right place, but far more

difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong

thing at the tempting moment."

@Benjamin Franklin



It's simple to react with a "Yeah, but..."

when someone calls you out for doing

Something wrong, It's a defensive mechanism

to make excuses for everything you do.

When you shift the blame for your behavior

and comments to others, it may become




Is when someone declares their point of

view as reality and refuses to consider the

views of others.

Nobody is always correct, and no one is

always wrong.

Some people grow more dogmatic out of fear

of losing an argument or simply because they

can't stand being taught anything that may

change their reality.



It's absolutely OK to employ a little hyperbole

to make your story more interesting or


However, no one wants to hear repeated


People will begin to doubt your every


If you stretch the truth too far, you won't be

able to hide your lies any longer.



Complaining is contagious misery.

It does not bring happiness and light into the

world. It's a way of relinquishing control to

others and fate.

When you start to complain, ask yourself,

"What am able to manage in this


And put all of your attention on it.



The optimist proclaims that we live in the

best of all possible worlds; and the

pessimist fears this is true.

- James Branch Cabell

Someone who brings a negative perspective

to all aspects of life is the true energy-

suckers, making everyone as sad and cynical

as they are.



We've all met someone who is always

ready to bring out other people's flaws.

When speaking with someone like them, you

may feel vulnerable.

It's often preferable to wait until you have more

information about a person or circumstance.

You don't know them; you only know a

snippet of their story.



When we're not around, the person who is

gossiping about someone behind their

back will almost certainly gossip about us.

It's similar to binge-eating junk food in that

it feels wonderful at the time, but you usually

regret it afterward.

When someone else starts it, try to steer

the conversation away from them.


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