7 Life Changing Self-Care Practices You Must Know

 7 Life  Changing  Self-Care  Practices You  Must Know

7 Life  Changing  Self-Care  Practices You  Must Know


"It's not selfish to love yourself, take

care of yourself, and to make your

happiness a priority. It's necessary."


7. Stop self-rejecting.

So many people will try and stop you

from reaching your potential.

Don't allow yourself to be one of them.

Scared you'll be rejected? Apply for

that job anyway.

Scared of the unknown? Move to that

Country anyway.

Scared of their opinion? Be yourself


It's time to stop self-rejecting your life



6.Upgrade Your library.

People spend up to 9 hours a day on

social media.

For this generation, your timeline is your

library, and it's one of the biggest

influences on what we think and feel.

Put better books in your library by followingg

more people that educate, inspire and

motivate, and less people that are negative,

shallow, and petty.


5. Stop chasing motivation.

Your motivation is not the problem.

It's your discipline that's holding you back.

Stay consistent.

Meet your deadlines.

Find an accountability partner.

Long-term discipline and consistency are

far more important than short-term



4. Make replacements

Real self-care requires replacement.

»Replace toxic friends with mentors.

»Replace complaining with gratitude.

»Replace blame with responsibility.

»Replace overthinking with action.

»Replace Netflix marathons with sleep.

»Replace fake influencers with

inspiring creators.


3. Set clear boundaries, and
protect them.

You don't lose real friends, real

opportunities, or real relationships when

you start standing up for yourself and

setting clear boundaries.

You lose abusers, manipulators, narcissists,

attention seekers, and mental health-

destroying leeches.

Anything you lose when you stand up for

yourself is something else gained.

2. Learn to let people down.

If taking care of yourself means letting

someone down, then let someone down.

Your mental health is more important than

your career, money, other people's opinions,

that event you said you'd attend, your

partner's mood, and your family's wishes



1. Improve your mental diet.

Everything changes when you realize

your diet isn't just what you eat.

It's what you watch, what you read, who

you follow, and who you spend your time


If your goal is to have a healthier mind, start

by removing junk food from your diet.


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