7 Manthras for those who have Lost Their Hope & Motivation:

 7 Manthras for  those who have  Lost Their Hope  & Motivation:

7 Manthras for  those who have  Lost Their Hope  & Motivation:

5. Effort is never wasted, even
if the results are disappointing.

Because it always makes you stronger,

more educated, and wiser.

So, when things get tough, be patient

and persevere.

Just because you are having difficulties

does not imply that you are failing.

Every great achievement necessitates

some kind of struggle to achieve.


4. To get away from something

you don't want is to move

toward something you do want.

The key is to develop small daily rituals

and recognize that what you do in small

steps affects everything in the long run.

When we are faced with adversity, we

have a strong desire for immediate


Remember that you can't lift a thousand

pounds all at once, yet you can easily lift

one pound a thousand times.


3. Rather than annoying you,
use pain, frustration, and
inconvenience to motivate you.

You are in control of the way you look at life.

» Instead of getting angry find the lesson

»Instead of envy - feel admiration.

»Instead of worrying - take action.

» instead of doubt - have faith.

Again, your reaction is always more powerful

than the situation.


2.It is what it is. Accept it,
learn from it, and grow from it.

It makes no difference what has been

done; what truly matters is what you do

from here.

Let go of your fantasies.

This letting go does not imply that you

have lost interest in something or


It simply recognizes that the only thing

you truly have control over at this

moment is yourself.


1. Never assume that the way
things are now is permanent.

» Every second, life changes, and so

can you.

When hard times hit, allow yourself

to move past what happened.

»Do not look at the future through

the same dirty lens; it will all be foggy.


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