7 Powerful Lessons from 100 Year-Old man

 7 Powerful  Lessons  from 100  Year-Old man

7 Powerful  Lessons  from 100  Year-Old man


Learn to enjoy every minute of your
life. Be happy now.

Don't wait for something outside of

yourself to make you happy in the future.

Think how really precious is the time you

have to spend, whether it's at work or

with your family.

Every minute should be enjoyed and



7. Let go of Your Ego and
Seek Help When Needed.

"Be as independent as you can but don't

be reluctant to ask for help when you

think you need it."

If you want to build something broader than

your own ego's walls, you must also learn to

be vulnerable.

You must set aside your ego and see

outside of your silo.


6. Treat Others with Respect
and Offer Your Assistance

A good idea is to behave well to other

people show them respect. And help them

as much as you possibly can, and it will be

repaid hundredfolds.

- Emilia Harper

When they get stuck, they'll come to you for


When you treat others with equity, they will

be more inclined to return in kind.


5. Spend Time on

Time spent on reconnaissance is seldom

wasted. And be as independent as you can,

but don't be reluctant to ask for help when

you think you need it.

- Clifford Crozier

What doI want to achieve?

Are there any risks I have to take?

Dol have the resources to achieve my


Are there possible problems I might


Prepare well; the more time you spend on

reconnaissance, the fewer obstacles you will

encounter along the way.


4. Make the Best out of Every

I've had a relatively easy life, even with the

RAF five years of war.

It was an adventure, more than a penalty,

even amongst the bombs.

- John Denerly

What can be more terrifying than the bomb

attacks during the war?

If you can manage to make the best out of

difficult times, you'll remember every bad

moment in a much more positive way.


3. Don't Regret Your

None. None whatever, I can tell you right

from my heart.

- Emilia Harper

103 years old, but not a single thing she


It means she stood up to whatever decision

she made in her life, whether it was right or


Regretting a decision you made in the

past is a waste of time. Instead, consider

what you can do in the future to make things



2. Being Optimistic

I don't have many failures. If l'm making a

cake and it fails, it becomes a pudding.

- Clifford Crozier

That is a wonderful way to look at life and a

nice motto to live by.


1. Live For the Day

Age is only a number; you live for the day.

- Clifford Crozier

Prepare as best you can, but then stop

worrying about whatever is to come.

Because it will cost you hours, days, and

even years in some cases.


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