7-Step Guide to Be Miserable For The Rest of Your Life

 7-Step  Guide to Be  Miserable  For The Rest  of Your Life

7-Step  Guide to Be  Miserable  For The Rest  of Your Life


7. Don't Follow This Page

In the long run, it might give you what it

takes to have a good life but ignore it.

Binge-watch ll the videos and pictures

that only give you a quick dopamine


But if you decide to follow us and read

Our content, don't take action.

Hope this list really helped you in becoming

as miserable as you possibly can.


6. Don't Have Faith in Yourself.

One sure way to achieve success in life is

to believe in yourself... so don't.

.Think the worst of yourself.

Always be skeptical of yourself.

.Believe that you will fail.. and YOU WILL.


5.Never try to change what
you don't like in yourself.

Like most parents and all schools

teach you:

Do not take any RISKS.

Play it safe.

SETTLE for a life you don't want.

As a result, you will receive no rewards

and achieve your goal of being miserable

and having a lot of regrets.


4. Complain More Than You
Put In The Work.

It doesn't matter what problem they're

discussing; it's always someone else's


Have a closed mindset

Be more Judgmental

Ignore the positives

They're probably in the comments right

now complaining about this post.


3. Spend Most of The Day
Staring at Screens in
Unproductive Ways.

If you ever start to doubt yourself

while your eyes are burning, remind

yourself that you're just relaxing.


.More games.

.More social media.

.More Youtube videos or TV series.

Be sure you get at least 8-10 hours

of unproductive screen time per day.


2. Get Up Late, Don't Have A
Morning Routine.

A Morning routine helps us set the tone

for the day, allowing us to control our

schedules rather than our schedule

controlling us. Avoid it at all costs.

Go to sleep at a random hour late at

night every day

Make sure you are frantically rushing

Out the door

Treat sleep like it's the ultimate enemy

This will help you come home at the end of

the day super depressed.


1. Compare Yourself to Otherss

Nothing makes you feel more worthless

than comparing yourself to others.

Compare yourself to EVERYONE, and

then judge yourself if you aren't as good

as them in ANY AREA.

.You might be born unique.

.But don't focus on your strengths.


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