7 Ways to Make a Conversation With anyone

 7 Ways to  Make a  Conversation  With anyone

7 Ways to  Make a  Conversation  With anyone


Choose to focus your time, energy

and conversation around people

who inspire you, support you and help

you to grow you into your happiest,

strongest, wisest self.


7. Name, place, animal, thing

Remember their name. It's really

important. Say it back to them.

Places they want to go to.

Their pet's names, their children's names.


6. Be present

Don't look at your phone.

Make eye contact. You literally feel the



5. Ask for an opinion

Ask generic questions like:

"What's your last movie, and how did you

find it?"

Do you prefer your margaritas with or

without salt?

Do you enjoy watching scary films?

Do you like this song?"

Instead of:

."What do you think about how this affects

the prices?"

And when someone gives you an opinion, really

listen; listen to listen, don't listen to reply.


4. Pay a unique compliment

Someone may forget what you say or

how you look, but they would never

forget how you made them feel.

There are words and compliments that

people are immune to.

Avoid them and pay a genuine, unique



3. Body Language

As you strike up a new conversation, it

is important to pay attention to your

nonverbal communication.

Encouraging nonverbal signals include:

An open posture

Good eye contact



2. Skip the small talk.

Ask personal questions. Be bold, and you

might be surprised how much someone

might share.

It would work with people you are familiar

with, but not with someone you don't know

much about.

Emulating people and empathizing with them

makes it easy for them to become your friend.


1. First-word floodgates.

Once you've said the first word, everything

just flows.

Conversation starters:

Do you happen to know where I could get

a schedule?

What are you doing this weekend?

What are your favorite restaurants around


The easiest way to get people to like you is

to keep them talking about themselves.


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