8 traits you need to become mentally strong

 8 traits you  need to become  mentally strong

8 traits you  need to become  mentally strong


Internal locus of control.

They are in control of their own lives

rather than any outside forces.

This gives a realistic view of the world;

they can be more proactive in dealing

with stressors in their lives, be more

solution-oriented, and feel a greater

sense of control.


Sense of humor.

If you're strong in emotional

resilience, you can laugh at life's


This is an incredible asset, as it shifts

one's perspective from seeing things

as a threat to seeing them as a


It allows you to deal with stress moree




Being connected to your spirituality

has been linked with emotional


When you're not just going through

the motions of attending services,

you are internally connected.

This makes you more aware and

grounded as a person.



Resilient people learn from their


They see obstacles as challenges and

empower adversity to make them


They find meaning in life's challenges

rather than seeing themselves as




Resilient people are strong individuals,

but they know the value of social

support and when to surround

themselves with supportive friends and


Social support plays a crucial role in

fostering resilience, in addition to

improving overall mental well-being.



When working toward goals or on

inner coping strategies, they're

action-oriented; they never give up

and trust the process.

They will keep working toward a goal

when faced with an obstacle. They

never feel helpless or hopeless when

they are facing a challenge.


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