10 psychology hacks that will conquer any situation


1.remembering a person's name is important because that person's name
means something to them. you must remember a person's name in order to make them feel 

2. when you first try something new, you should have no expectations;
this will prevent you from the disappointment of failure.

3. the majority of people's favourite topics to discuss are themselves. if you don't know
what to say or if there is an awkward silence, simply ask them that you are genuinely intersted.

4. when you meet new people, take note of their eye colour while smiling at them. don't say
anything about it. it's a great way to ensure you're actually looking them in the eyes.

5. when someone answers your questions partially. wait. please do not interrupt. when you don't
say anything, there's a good chance they'll finish the sentence.

6. if you really want to know about people and their character, always notice the way 
they treat people who can't do anything for them.
7. when you are leaning something, teach something about it.
you will remember it easily and explore more in the process of teaching.

8. when asking for favours, use the simple word "because", no matter how simple is the reason.
the word "because" makes them think it must be okay because there is a reason.

9. emotional expression causes emotion. if you force yourself to smile, your mood will actually 

10. write your thoughts in journal when you are anxious, stressed and sad. you will
definitely feel the burden on your mind reduced.

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