life up and downs-


before the age of 20, you'll spend a lot of time with friends
but after 30 you'll spend a small amount of time with just
a few important friends.

after the age of 20, you'll only spend a small amount of time with your family
and parents before the end of their or your life.

you'll spend a huge amount of your time between the age of 20 and 60
with the people you work with.
the time you spend with your partner will continue with to increses
from the day you meet them, untill the day you die.

at 30 years old the amount of time you spend by yourself increses untill the day you die.


you will only ever have a small group of very important friends, invest more
in them and less in meaning less relationship.

your time with your parents will be limited. create as much time for them as you can and 
make that time special.

a huge amount of time will be spent with the people you work with, so you have to 
make sure you work with people you love.

who you choose to be your romantic partner is one of the most important life decisions you will
ever make. choose wisely, don't settle.

you have to learn to love yourself, depend on yourself and purse your hobbies, because as 
you age you'll spend more time on your own.

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