most worthy tips for a person above 18>

 most of your "adult"  problems can be be solved if you...........

1.regularly workout

3 times workout a week helps us to stay healthy, prevent joint pains

and give u energy! below your means

beginner: if you can't afford it twice, don't buy it.

advanced: if it's more than 10% of your income, don't buy it.

pro tip- if it's not making you more money, only buy it if your assets 

can pay for it. what you love for work

working without passion can lead to massive stress and even depression

ask to get different responsibilities, look for a new job or start a new business.

4. get 3 real friends

real friends want you to be more successful and happier so they will

push you to get over excuses and keep you on track.

find friends with same path and same goals

5.get a second income source

if your current income can't pay for all your goals, get a side income that you can do from home

choose one that can make money 24/7 like online business, investment


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