Ways to Work smarter Not harder

 Ways to Work smarter Not harder 

Ways to Work smarter Not harder

1. No Distractions 

Distractions like social media, texting or even just the notification sound are proven to be the number 1 cause for low productivity in work. Decide on a specific period of time you're going to work and turn off your phone, or turn On the airplane mode so you don't have any distractions while working. 

Only practicing this daily take your focus and productivity to a new level. 

2. Use Pomodoro Technique 

Study shows that working in chunks of work increase productivity in work. Cut your work into 20-25 minutes of work, and then 5-10 minutes rest. 

In the working time, your only focus is getting one done. Turn on the airplane mode and focus for 25 minutes. Once the timer goes off, take a break to get physically moving, take a short rest and prepare for the next Pomodoro. 

Usually after 4 sessions of 25 minutes, it's best to plan a longer break for 30-50 minutes. 

3. Outsource 

Find your strengths and focus on them. Find your weak areas, and find the right person whose strength is your weakness. 

For example, if you're really good at copywriting for your business, but design is your weakness. Focus your time writing more copy, and find the right person to take that copy and make designs out of it. 
This will help you achieve more in less time, and maintain the highest quality. 

4. The 6 Goals Rule 

Aiming to finish 20 tasks in one day will probably get you to procrastinate most of your work without focusing on quality. Every single day, aim to finish no more than 6 things. 

Work until finishing these for the day. Tasks that you didn't finish will always move to the next day. So, if you finished 4 tasks, you can only add 2 for that day, keeping your list clean with 6 tasks at a time. 

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