what not to do as a parents (worthy tips:)



1. making unhealthy comparasions-

"why aren't you like your brothers,relatives,or other childrens?"
"other kids are smarter than you"

these types of statements and comparisons can damage a child's self-esteem
and lead them to believe that no matter how hard they try, they will never be good enough
simuntaneously comparing sibilings simply fosters an unpleasent bond between them,
generating envy and anger

2. criticism towards a child for acting like a child-

"why are you behaving so strangely?"
"why are you doing walking that away?"
"how come you chew like that?"
"why do you move or speak like that?"

children are wired to trust everything their parents tell them.

sarcastic or critical questions can give a child the false idea that they
have a problem.

this makes it difficult for a child,even adults,to be themselves with
other people.

3. making selfish wishes-

"I wish you hadn't been born"
"I wish I could have had an abortion,
and I'm sad to have you"
"I wish you weren't the way you are"

such things should never be said to a child by a parent.

remarks like these makes the child feel as though they don't belong
in the world and don't deserve to be alive leading to low self-esteem
depression and self  harm

parents should instead make their children feel loved and worthwhile.

4. complaing about difficulties of raising a child-

"it costs me a lot of money because of you"
"its tough having you since its so difficult to take care of you"

a child who is made to feel like a burden will
often mask or concern their genuine needs,
feeling, and issues to avoid their parents wrath.

this avoidance has been linked to children becoming more prone to thievery
or voilence as they grow older.

5. criticsm of a child's physical appearence-

"you are ugly,too fat,too skinny"
"you have bad colour"

humiliation of a child because of his or her appearence
might create feelings of insecurity and concern about one's
own body.

parents should educate their children on how 
to enjoy themselves regardless of their external looks.

6. using offensive words and statements-

"you are dumb useless and a zero"
"you will never do it"

absolute statements like this will erode a child's
self esteem

it is critical for parents to be a source of 

7.threating to leave-

" I am going to leave to, set you aside"
"when you wake up, you will never se me again"
" I am leaving youuu"

these words will cause the child to develop
abandonment issues making them fearful that people
they care about would desert them because of who they are.

this thought will become subconsciosly
ingrained in the child's head as he or she grows older.

because they are afraid of being abandoned
they will never trust their future relationship.

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