It presents a whole lot of capabilities which might be given below.

  • Simple
  • Abstract Data kinds
  • Machine Independent or Portable
  • Mid-degree programming language
  • Structured programming language
  • Rich Library
  • Memory Management
  • Quicker Compilation
  • Pointers
  • Recursion
  • Extensible
  • Object-Oriented
  • Compiler primarily based totally
  • Reusability
  • National Standards
  • Errors are without problems detected
  • Power and Flexibility
  • Strongly typed language
  • Redefine Existing Operators
  • Modeling Real-World Problems
  • Clarity

1) Simple

C++ is a easy language as it presents a established approach (to interrupt the trouble into elements), a wealthy set of library features, information kinds, etc.

2) Abstract Data kinds

In C++, complicated information kinds known as Abstract Data Types (ADT) may be created the usage of classes.

3) Portable

C++ is a transportable language and applications made in it could be run on one-of-a-kind machines.

4) Mid-degree / Intermediate programming language

C++ consists of each low-degree programming and high-degree language so it's far called a mid-degree and intermediate programming language. It is used to increase device packages together with kernel, driver, etc.

5) Structured programming language

C++ is a established programming language. In this we are able to divide this system into numerous elements the usage of features.

6) Rich Library

C++ presents a whole lot of built in features that make the improvement fast. Following are the libraries utilized in C++ programming are:

7) Memory Management

C++ presents very green control techniques. The numerous reminiscence control operators assist shop the reminiscence and enhance this system's efficiency. These operators allocate and deallocate reminiscence at run time. Some not unusualplace reminiscence control operators to be had C++ are new, delete etc.

8) Quicker Compilation

C++ applications have a tendency to be compact and run quickly. Hence the compilation and execution time of the C++ language is fast.

9) Pointer

C++ presents the characteristic of guidelines. We can use guidelines for reminiscence, structures, features, array, etc. We can immediately engage with the reminiscence with the aid of using the usage of the guidelines.

10) Recursion

In C++, we are able to name the characteristic inside the characteristic. It presents code reusability for each characteristic.

11) Extensible

C++ applications can without problems be prolonged as it's far very clean to feature new capabilities into the present application.

12) Object-Oriented

In C++, object-orientated standards like information hiding, encapsulation, and information abstraction can without problems be carried out the usage of key-word class, private, public, and guarded get entry to specifiers. Object-orientated makes improvement and upkeep simpler.

13) Compiler primarily based totally

C++ is a compiler-primarily based totally programming language, because of this that no C++ application may be accomplished with out compilation. C++ compiler is without problems to be had, and it calls for little or no area for storage. First, we want to collect our application the usage of a compiler, after which we are able to execute our application.

14) Reusability

With the usage of inheritance of features applications written in C++ may be reused in every other application of C++. You can shop application elements into library documents and invoke them to your subsequent programming tasks surely with the aid of using which includes the library documents. New applications may be advanced in lesser time as the present code may be reused. It is likewise feasible to outline numerous features with identical call that carry out one-of-a-kind task. For Example: abs () is used to calculate absolutely the cost of integer, flow and lengthy integer.

15) National Standards

C++ has countrywide requirements together with ANSI.

16) Errors are without problems detected

It is simpler to hold a C++ applications as mistakes may be without problems placed and rectified. It additionally presents a characteristic known as exception dealing with to help blunders dealing with to your application.

17) Power and Flexibility

C++ is a effective and bendy language due to maximum of the effective bendy and current UNIX working device is written in C++. Many compilers and interpreters for different languages together with FORTRAN, PERL, Python, PASCAL, BASIC, LISP, etc., had been written in C++. C++ applications had been used for fixing physics and engineering issues or even for lively computer graphics for movies.

18) Strongly typed language

The listing of arguments of each characteristic name is typed checked for the duration of compilation. If there's a kind mismatch among real and formal arguments, implicit conversion is carried out if feasible. A collect-time happens if an implicit conversion isn't feasible or if the wide variety of arguments is incorrect.

19) Redefine Existing Operators

C++ lets in the programmer to redefine the that means of present operators together with +, -. For Example, The "+" operator may be used for including  numbers and concatenating  strings.

20) Modelling real-global issues

The applications written in C++ are properly desirable for real-global modeling issues as near as feasible to the person perspective.

21) Clarity

The key phrases and library features utilized in C++ resemble not unusualplace English words.


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