10 Genuine ways to make money and reduce your student debt

It's true that going to university is costly; but, it doesn't have to be that way. You may add some income to your coffers and lower your debt without having to seek a part-time job by using technology, lateral thinking, and good old-fashioned elbow grease. The top ten ways to make money as a student while you finish your studies are listed below. You don't have to do all of them, but doing one or two of them could significantly help you get through the next financial turmoil.


Top 10 Ways To Make Money

1.Sell your books, CDs, games & videos

We all have old textbooks laying around, whether from school or university, or merely books your aunty got you for Christmas that you never read, or CDs, DVDs, and videos that we no longer use. So why not put them up for sale? It may appear to be too much trouble, but We Buy Books has made it simple. You simply enter the ISBN, they value your books for you, you print a pre-paid postal label so you don't have to go to the Post Office, and they pay you once they receive your box.

Rather than throwing your CD’s, games and videos away, why not turn it into cash through Music Magpie. All you have to do is enter the barcode, they will then give you an instant price for your goods, box up all your unwanted inventory and send for free to receive payment once the items are received.

2.Become an Extra

Working as a background person on low-budget television can pay between £60 and £80 per hour, which isn't bad considering you're essentially a live prop. Sites like Be On Screen can help you get on set and on your road to your 5 seconds of fame (well, not that much fame). This might be your ticket to additional money if you want to interact with some Z-list celebrities and get compensated for it.

3.Sell Your Notes

Put your hard work to good use; the hours of note-taking and meticulous charts and diagrams you've accumulated could earn you more than just a passing mark. Sites like Notesale allow you to upload your notes and make them available to any students who require extra assistance. It works like this: you post your notes, pick a price, and then get paid through the website. So, if you've worked hard and want to get anything out of it, go ahead and try this one.


Another excellent option to earn money as a student is to turn your academic expertise into a tutoring position. This money maker may be highly profitable, with earnings of around £25-35 per hour possible. If you're interested in making money, you can post your skills on employment boards for locals to see or use tutoring sites.

5. YouTube

YouTube can be more than just a mindless platform full of kitten videos and hilarious lip syncing parodies; it can also net you hundreds of pounds. You probably didn't realise that as a YouTuber, you may earn anywhere from £1 to £5 every 1000 views, which means that if you achieve 50,000 views in a month, you'll be taking home roughly £100, and that's only per 50,000 views. Getting started on YouTubing is simple; create an account and begin sharing videos; however, being good at it is a different story. Being original isn't even required, yet original stuff is more valuable. Remember that some of the big YouTubers are getting over a million hits a day and taking in over a million pounds a year.

6. Comping (competitions)

While not for everyone, this money making method can be extremely lucrative. It must be a hobby to really enjoy, otherwise you’ll be disappointed too many times for it to be worth it. Basically you enter a lot of competitions, hoping that you will win some prizes. While the rewards can be huge, you will have to get used to losing more times than you win. However, if you win, you could be winning big prizes. E.g. an all-expenses paid trip to Dubai for 2 weeks or a Ferrari. If you are considering giving this a go, have a look at this site to get better idea of how it works exactly and how to join the ranks of Compers; Competitions.

7. Mystery Shopping

It isn’t as cool as it sounds, however it can be a good little earner. The general idea is that you go to a shop and buy something specific and take note of the details of the purchase, and then you get the money back for what you’ve spent and can get paid for the job itself. This can be surprisingly fun , but requires more thoughtful work, as your reports have to be thorough. The prices for a job can range between just a few pounds all the way to a hundred.

8. Review Music for Money

If you love music and would like to turn your passion into money then you can use sites like MusicXray to get some mullah for reviewing music. It’s a pretty simple concept; if you love music and don’t mind writing some reviews then this is for you; this method wont earn you much money but for doing what you love it’s not bad. If you are consistent you could be grabbing you up to £40 a month.

9. Ebaying

You can view this method as a serious way to make money as a student, or just a way to clear your house of your old stuff. There are people who have earned thousands through eBaying, however if you don’t want to take it as seriously you can just get rid of old stuff and make a little bit of side money. This little guide will help you with either of the options: Ebay Guide.

10. Freelancing

There are two big pros to being a freelancer; being able to charge what you want and being able to work when you want. A freelancer can be anything from writing a few times a week to earning over $100,000 a year. Websites like Upwork allow you to bid on a job (using both a written proposal and your price to win the job). Set up a profile and start earning.

Here are some more great ways to  make money as a student.

Online Surveys

Use your free time wisely and take part in online surveys. There are a number of online survey sites offering cash or voucher rewards for your opinion. Pre-screen checks are carried out and honest answers are required, but aside from that you’re good to go!    

Part Time Jobs

Getting a part time job holds many benefits from boosting your CV skills section to earning extra money.  It’s a good idea to think about your current skills and what sector you would like to work in. Consider retail, hospitality, bar work and many more.


If you have to have a keen interest for writing, blogging can be a great way to earn some cash. There are ways to make money from blogging such as sponsored content and affiliate marketing, that can boost your numbers and your cash inflow.

Start your own business

If you have an idea that’s waiting to come to life, seek out support from your university and start your own business! It can be a risk but one worth taking. Social media and online selling platforms will give you a base to kickstart a business and sell online.

Loyalty cards

If you’re making a purchase form a retailer it’s a shame not to reap the potential rewards. Be sure to check for loyalty points to be had and use them. Apps like Stocard are a great way to store your loyalty cards within an app, rather than bulking out your purse full of plastic.


If you have a good command of the English language, then why not teach it to others! Taking courses can be costly; however, you will be qualified and able to make money as a student straight away. Check out the Udemy TEFL complete course, including downloadable resources, full lifetime access and certification on completion. Alternatively, use code 47202F4A on Tefluk.com and you will get 10% discount on all TEFL training courses.


Quidco and Topcash back can save you hundreds of pounds by earning  money back from purchases. Although these sites are great, imagine pooling cashback from your family members too and it all goes towards your uni costs:  introducing Funds4uni.  You and your family can shop with over 3,500 retailers through the site and reap the rewards once your purchase has cleared.


Use your knowledge to your advantage and consider tutoring. With 3 A levels you can tutor younger children in those subjects and earn minimum £20 an hour. Sites like My Tutor provide a platform to register your interest and skills and find children to teach.

Paid Web Search

Did you know that you can get paid for searching the web? You can make money as a student by searching the internet from sites like Swagbucks. Becoming a Search Engine Evaluator takes prior SEO skills and passing a qualification exam. If you have the dedication and time the pay is rewarding.

Review Websites

There are loads of website and app owners who need users to test out their sites for usability and bugs. You could expect to get paid between £8 and £20 for a user test which might take you around 20 to 25 minutes to complete.

Rent out your car parking space

A peculiar but resourceful way of utilising space on your driveway! If you live near transportation links or prime locations you can easily earn some extra cash. Sites like Just Park enable you to rent out your driveway space to people within a 5m radius for a set price per month.


There are many different types of modelling so finding what’s right for you is key. Research and register yourself with a few agencies but be sure to check the requirements. These can range from general to very specific attributes such as height.

Creative Talents – Etsy

If you’re a creative, you could set up an Etsy shop and sell your creations online. To set up shop, start by creating an Etsy account. Add in all the relevant info like your shop name, payment and billing methods. Create your listings and sell your work! Etsy take a 4% plus 20p processing fee which albeit a fee, is still a small cost compared to the profit you can make.


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