Affiliate marketing vs Blogging : What can pay you more money


What is affiliate marketing? 

Referring a product to a market and getting paid when they purchase it using your affiliate link is known as affiliate marketing.

or you could say marketing things online and getting paid when someone makes a purchase using your link.

One of the most important online revenue streams is considered to be affiliate marketing. According to a 2021 survey, an affiliate marketer can make between $300 and $500 per day on average.

This amounts to between 22,000 and 36,000 rupees, which is more than a high-profile government worker makes after working long hours (6 to 8 hours per day).


Tools required for affiliate marketing


The foundation of affiliate marketing is the web. is required for affiliate marketing websites. One cannot engage in affiliate marketing without a website.

Blog post (articles)

Additionally, blog posts are necessary for affiliate marketing. because customers' trust and interest are gained through blog articles. Blogs are therefore essential for affiliate marketing.

Social media accounts 

Social media profiles on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, and others are required in all online industries, including blogging, affiliate marketing, and others.

Because social media is a tool that will assist you in driving traffic to your website and establishing a rapport with your audience,

Your online visibility will grow if you have social media accounts.

You will get greater client trust the more followers you have. A customer is much more likely to purchase a product you recommend if they trust you.

What is blogging?


Blogging is nothing more than using articles to communicate with your audience. writing posts that provide your readers with useful information.

The likelihood of attracting more visitors to your website increases as you provide more value.

In 2021, one of the industries with the quickest growth will be blogging. because more individuals are aware of the earnings potential of blogging.

If you're unaware, let me inform you that the average blogger makes between $500 and $1500 each month. There is no denying that one of the finest methods to make money online is through blogging.

Tools required for blogging


Websites are the foundation of affiliate marketing, as I have stated. A website is a necessity for blogging.

Because you need a website where you may post articles sharing your knowledge. Therefore, using that website is required.

Blog post’s

Blogging's main component is blog postings. In order to drive visitors to your website, you must write blogs. Because you can only make money from blogging when your website has enough traffic and substance.

Social media account’s

Again, social media accounts are required in this situation. to increase website visitors. The likelihood of receiving traffic through social media is great.

Create eye-catching posters with compelling titles, publish them to your social media accounts, and include a link to your website.

Up until now, we have talked about what blogging and affiliate marketing are. tools needed for affiliate marketing and blogging.

Let's now discuss how to engage in affiliate marketing or blogging.

How to do affiliate marketing


You must choose a niche (subject) for affiliate marketing that you are enthusiastic and interested in.

Market research

study the market for your niche (topic). Additionally, ascertain whether or not your niche is well-liked by consumers. Determine whether or not people are looking for products relating to your topic.

Select product

There are two considerations you must make when choosing the product.

1. Related to your niche: The product you choose ought to be relevant to your niche. and you need to be fully knowledgeable about that product.

2. Commission rate: Pick a product with a high commission rate and positive customer feedback. Additionally, look up the product's popularity and choose the most well-liked options.

Join affiliate networks like Impact, Commission Junction, V Commission, JvZoo, etc. to choose the product.

Join one of these networks by logging in. You can choose from a wide variety of products on these networks depending on your specialisation and preferences.


It's time to market once you've chosen your product and written solid articles about it.

To draw in your audience, create compelling ad copy. Then, run ads to drive traffic to your post. or design appealing templates and publish them on various social platforms.

Through social network accounts, Quora, Google, Instagram, and other channels, you can drive traffic.

Affiliate marketers typically don't wait for organic traffic. Because organic traffic may not appear for at least 90 to 180 days.

As a result, practically all affiliate marketers use paid advertising to drive visitors. because it works quickly and well.

Why paid Ads

One of the finest ways to attract a loyal audience to your website is through paid advertisements.

Because you can target the audience that is interested in your goods with paid advertisements. Therefore, there is a good likelihood that individuals will click on your link and purchase the item. as a result of your audience's pre-existing interest in your offering.

How to do blogging 

Select your Niche

You must determine your level of interest in blogging before you begin. It could be anything related to tech, instruction, physical fitness, or digital marketing. Decide on a subject that interests you.

Market research

Additionally, you must conduct market research here. to determine whether or not your niche is well-liked by consumers. Discover whether or not people are searching for terms related to your niche.

Write blog posts 

Start writing a blog about your specialty once you've decided on it. add to your website, etc. Publish at least 1-2 blog entries per week.

Because your website's chances of being ranked highly by search engines increase with the quantity and quality of content you have on it.

Generate traffic

Now that you've written blog content, it's time to drive traffic. If your website doesn't receive any traffic, blogging is pointless. You can use sponsored advertisements or natural methods to drive traffic, then.

I advise blogging with 80% organic content and 20% sponsored advertisements. Because blogging is a long-term activity, effects won't be seen for at least 6 to 12 months.

Therefore, spending a lot of money on paid advertisements is pointless. You can spend it whatever you like, but I advise against spending more.

Work hard to get organic traffic for your blog. You will rank on the search engines if you use SEO, produce some high-quality backlinks, and consistently publish new content.

Blogging vs Affiliate marketing who can make you Rich?

Affiliate marketing

Yes, using affiliate marketing effectively can change your life. Your life may be completely altered. I've witnessed several people leave high-paying jobs to pursue affiliate marketing.

A typical affiliate marketer earns between $500 and $1,000 each day.

There is no question that affiliate marketing can make you wealthy. To see the results, you must put out some work.


You can earn money with blogging, without a doubt. A typical blogger can make up to $1500 per month. Therefore, blogging offers a tonne of potential for income.

So, there is no question that blogging can be a source of income here as well. Observe the straightforward maxim, "Make an effort, receive results."

The primary means of revenue generation for bloggers is Google Adsense. Sign up for Google Adsense to start making money.

Blogging vs Affiliate marketing who takes more time?

In comparison to affiliate marketing, blogging will require more time to become profitable. However, consistency in blogging is a given once you start making money.

Although you can make money with affiliate marketing immediately, there is no assurance of consistency because the money is dependent on the sale. You may occasionally make more, less, or no money at all.

Blogging vs Affiliate marketing Pros and Cons

Affiliate marketing Pros

There is no requirement for expertise.

simple to begin

a supplemental source of income


customer service absent


own company

no tangible item

Affiliate marketing Cons 

A commission-based salary

Inconsistent monetary flow

need to work hard

Need endurance

heightened rivalry

Blog pros

simple to begin

minimal investment

Nearly zero risk

source of passive income

constant income

Blogging Cons

A blog must be updated often.

Technical problems that take a lot of time might be irritating.

Making money takes time.

Blogging or Affiliate marketing who won? 

Since they are both fierce competitors, it is impossible to predict a winner. Because your level of effort in any of these will determine the outcome.

if you are a skilled salesperson and willing to spend money on advertising. you can then begin with affiliate marketing and

If you want to make money with the least amount of investment, consider blogging. nonetheless, earning money will take a little bit longer than with affiliate marketing.

Both platforms have the potential to change the course of your life. Through each of these, you can make a sizable sum of money.

Compared to blogging, affiliate marketing can produce a large sum of money in the shortest length of time.But it also required more hard work, passion, and dedication.   

Blogging and Affiliate marketing together?

Blogging and affiliate marketing can be used in place of either blogging or affiliate marketing. Yes, you can also choose this course of action. as I'm demonstrating in this article.

I'm blogging and engaging in affiliate marketing through this article. There are some affiliate connections on this blog as well.

The tools are yet another argument in favour of using both. The tools necessary for both blogging and affiliate marketing are very similar. similar to a website, blog postings, social network pages, advertising, etc.

So if you write and want to make some extra cash, use your blog posts for affiliate marketing.

Look for items in your niche. start writing blog entries with helpful information about the product. More visitors will come to your site as you add more value.


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