Here is the best way to prevent DoS attack

But first understand what is it

A Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack is one that attempts to bring a machine or network to a halt, rendering it unreachable to its intended users. DoS attacks work by inundating the target with traffic or delivering it information that causes it to crash. The DoS attack deprives genuine users (workers, members, or account holders) of the service or resource they expected in both cases.

DoS assaults frequently target high-profile corporations such as banks, commerce, and media companies, as well as government and trade organisations' web servers. Despite the fact that DoS assaults rarely result in the theft or loss of sensitive information or other assets, they can cost the victim a lot of time and money to cope with.

DoS attacks can be carried out in two ways: flooding or crashing systems. Flood assaults occur when a system receives too much traffic for the server to buffer, slowing it down and eventually stopping it.

Modern security systems have evolved ways to defend against most types of DoS assaults, but DDoS is still regarded as a high-risk danger and is of greater concern to enterprises that dread being targeted by one.

DoS Protection: Prevent an attack

An organization can adopt the following policy to protect itself against Denial of Service attacks.

Attacks such as SYN flooding take advantage of bugs in the operating system. Installing security patches can help reduce the chances of such attacks.

Intrusion detection systems can also be used to identify and even stop illegal activities

Firewalls can be used to stop simple DoS attacks by blocking all traffic coming from an attacker by identifying his IP.

Routers can be configured via the Access Control List to limit access to the network and drop suspected illegal traffic.


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