Most money making profitable Blog Niches (2022)

 The Most Profitable Blog Niches (2022)

This tried and proven list of topics is a fantastic place to start brainstorming if you want to choose a profitable blog niche.

Most money making profitable Blog Niches (2022)

1. Personal Budgeting

It's no surprise that blogging about money ranks high on the list of profitable blog niches.

People don't always talk about money, but they do read about it, thus the personal finance specialty receives a lot of attention throughout the year.

As people decide out what to do with their stimulus cheques or a recent job loss, issues like investing and budgeting have become even more relevant in light of recent events.

Furthermore, personal finance websites have access to extremely profitable affiliate offers, such as credit cards, online banks, insurance plans, and mortgage lenders, which typically pay $100 or more for each convert. And they're services that almost everyone will require at some point.

According to's blogging revenue survey, the personal finance niche topped the affiliate income space:

Furthermore, because financial advertising rates are often high, it's the ideal income mix of display ads and affiliate offers.

Pros: High-paying affiliate opportunities; always in style.

Cons: SEO is quite competitive.

Frugality, side hustles, making money online, and financial independence are some blog micro niche ideas.

2. Formal education

Education is another lucrative blog area. This includes education websites that are only available online, college guidance blogs, and even homeschooling blogs.

Education is a lucrative specialty for one main reason: getting an education is often highly costly.

As a result, advertisers and affiliate offerings in the education market are extremely profitable. I'm talking about CPAs of $100 to $200 or more for things like refinancing student loans, setting student bank accounts, or selecting an online school.

Plus, if finance isn't your thing, you still have options. Some educators sell printouts to fellow educators or students to help them manage their semester. It's also simple to include Amazon affiliate links for things you recommend if you cover college counselling.

Advantages: High-paying affiliate programmes.

Cons: Due to the start of semesters, it is somewhat seasonal.

Surviving college; online college reviews; homeschooling recommendations for parents are some blog micro niche ideas.

3. Consumption

You've probably visited a lot of food blogs in your life. This is perhaps one of the most crowded blog niches out there. However, because of how creative you can be with monetization, it's also a successful blogging topic.

Many of the highest-paid food bloggers generate money from a variety of sources, including:

Advertisements that appear on the screen

This page contains affiliate connections (for ingredients, appliances, food subscription services)

Posts that have been sponsored

Offering printables and e-books for sale

Sponsored articles are one of the most lucrative aspects of this industry. Brands frequently approach large food journals with offers to utilise their products in recipes, and these deals may easily run into the thousands of dollars if you have a huge following.

One disadvantage of this blogging field is its oversaturation. To break through the noise as a food blogger, you'll undoubtedly need to rely on a lot of Pinterest advertising and Tailwind usage.

Pros: Sponsored post potential; social media presence.

Cons: Saturated market; social media promotion is typically required.

Micro-niche blog ideas include the keto diet, gluten-free baking, and re-creating restaurant meals at home.

4. Marketing & Business

The business and marketing area is another lucrative blog niche.

Granted, this niche is usually subdivided into micro niches such as:

Businesses that operate online

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which you

Best-practices in SEO and marketing


High-paying display advertisements and profitable affiliate offers are two things that these micro niches have in common.

Business marketers, like personal finance advertisers, are willing to pay a premium to advertise on the appropriate blog. Because SaaS contracts or B2B products can easily cost thousands of dollars per year, the payoff is well worth it.

When you add in high-paying affiliate offers, even a modest business and marketing-focused blog can quickly become profitable.

Pros: Affiliate schemes that pay well.

Cons: SEO is extremely competitive, and its scope can be rather limited.

Micro-niche blog ideas include SEO software and email marketing.

5. Travel As a result of Covid-19, the travel niche has been completely destroyed.

The amount of traffic and advertising on the site decreased dramatically. Affiliate programmes for travel have also closed their doors. Overall, it's been a challenging time to run a travel blog.

Travel, on the other hand, has proven to be a profitable blog specialty in the past. Travel will also return when the world begins to open up in the future. Indeed, there has been an upsurge in domestic travel, so individuals are once again packing their bags.

This is fantastic news for a travel blogger. There are numerous monetization options available in this area, including:

Advertisements that are displayed

Hotels, travel gear, airlines, excursions, and travel insurance all have affiliate schemes.

Affiliate programmes for travel credit cards

Creating sponsored content

Adding YouTube and vlogging to the mix

It's difficult to say when this market will fully recover. There's no disputing, though, that this lucrative writing niche is here to stay.

Pros: Does well on social media; allows you to earn money while on the road.

Cons: Advertising prices are slightly lower; still recovering.

Local travel guide; digital nomadism; inexpensive travel are some of the best blog micro niche ideas.

6.Parenting is number six.

While this blogging niche can be expanded to include a lifestyle blog in which you share a glimpse of your daily life, the parenting niche has always been a popular one.

This popularity is understandable. Parenting books and parenting websites that assist people manage the busy, joyful responsibilities of being a parent are in high demand.

There's also room for some ingenuity here. Here are some parenting-related micro niche blog ideas to consider:

Possibilities for work from home


A guide for first-time parents

Cooking for families that is healthy

When travelling with children,

Again, the underlying theme is parenting, but you can write about whatever element of parenting you like.

There's the usual mix of display ads, affiliate offers, sponsored posts, and selling your own things for income. Parents, on the other hand, are eager to spend money on products or services that will benefit their family. Affiliate earnings can quickly grow if you promote affiliate offers that you personally use and benefit from.

Pros: Extremely adaptable; readers are naturally more interested in the topic.

Cons: In order to have authority in this area, you usually have to be a parent, thus it's difficult for non-parent bloggers to get in.

7. Blogs about home improvement

DIY bloggers have an astounding number of monetization choices at their disposal, despite the fact that this is a broad profitable blogging niche.

A DIY blog is by definition instructive; you're usually showing readers how to solve a problem or make something without having to spend full price at the shop.

This is appropriate for:

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which you

Selling printables or instruction booklets

Starting a YouTube channel or selling on Etsy alongside your blog are examples of diversification.

DIY material also performs well on platforms such as Pinterest, which can help you increase blog visitors.

DIY material has lower advertising prices than areas like personal finance or business. However, converting readers into affiliate sales via instructive content is likely to be easier than enticing a reader to sign up for a new credit card offer or something that requires more decision making.

Pros: Does well on social media; easy to diversify with Etsy and YouTube.

Cons: Display advertising prices are slightly lower on average than in categories like banking.

Woodworking, student crafts, and vintage revivals are some blog micro niche ideas.

8. Health and Wellness

Alright, time to talk about a profitable blog niche that’s also one of the most contentious.

The health and wellness space has been a goldmine for bloggers since the internet started. People are always searching for fitness advice, new recipes, or general wellness tips that can help them lead a better life. However, along the way, this niche has been plagued by fad diets, fake supplements, and a range of shady behavior.

Unsurprisingly, Google finally took note of this in 2019. After a massive algorithm update, Google determined that sites that talk about your money or your life (“YMYL blogs”) need to have expertise, authority, and trust to rank well.

In short, for this to be a profitable blog niche, you need to know your stuff and have the credentials to back it up. But, if you’re a doctor, certified dietitian, licensed fitness coach, or have an incredible personal story that relates to the niche, this requirement shouldn’t be a problem.

I wouldn’t get into this niche if you don’t know much about health and wellness. However, there are plenty of affiliate programs and ways to make money as a health and wellness blogger. Plus, online coaching is one monetization idea that does incredibly well for this niche. 

Pros: Lends itself well to coaching and affiliate marketing.

Cons: Ranking well on Google usually requires expertise and credentials.

Blog Micro Niche Ideas: Running; managing specific health conditions; staying fit as a working professional.

The #1 Factor for Picking a Profitable Blog Niche

One final piece of advice I want to give for picking a profitable blog niche is to always stick with what you know and care about.

The internet has millions of blogs, and more get added every day. The only way to stand out from the crowd is to write the best content out there and give readers a reason to follow you.

Besides, wouldn’t you rather pick a niche you’re an expert in and love and make slightly less money than struggle to write in a niche you don’t care about?


This list of the most profitable blog niches is really scratching the surface of your options.

The truth is you should write about what you’re more knowledgeable and passionate about. As long as the audience isn’t too narrow, you can develop your blogging voice and audience over time and turn almost any blog niche into a profitable one.


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