Although each day in the life of a data analyst is different, here are 5 key responsibilities that a data analyst has:


(1)  Gathering Data

This means collecting data from different sources. Many a times this is done in collaboration with data engineers and architects hence usually the data analyst doesn’t have to do a lot in this.

(2)  Cleaning Data

Going through the data and trying to understand it, making corrections where needed such as removing outliers or data that should not be included in the analysis. This step can take a lot of time, but understanding the data is crucial before you start to process it.

(3)  Processing data

The data processing part of the process is where I use my skills and tools to analyze the work and come up with solutions for the problem at hand.

(4)  Creating reports for business leaders

As an analyst, a lot of my time goes into creating and maintaining reports/dashboards for stakeholders and business leaders. This means showing the metrics and KPIs in the best manner possible to help drive business decisions.

The best analysts are those that can use data to tell a story.

(5)  Collaborating with people

This one is my favorite! As a data analyst, you work with many people across departments, both senior and junior. You’ll also likely collaborate closely with other people who work in data science like data architects and database developers.

Tools I use: Excel,PowerBI,SQL and Python


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