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 What is semen retention? 

Semen retention is the act of not ejaculating, to put it simply. However, it is not the same as abstinence. Even though they don't ejaculate, many guys who engage in semen retention are nevertheless capable of experiencing orgasms.

The NoFap movement, which tries to aid persons with sex and porn addictions, and semen retention are two concepts that could be mistaken. People who are interested in semen retention may also be members of the NoFap and abstinence encouraging networks, but this practise is distinct.

Why do people try semen retention? Where does the idea come from? 

You can find claims that semen retention causes things like improved memory, a bigger penis, and super strength if you peruse the popular subReddit r/Semenretention. According to these Reddit posts, the energy typically lost during sexual activity, more notably the semen lost, can be applied to other areas of life.

The early Taoist self-control techniques are the foundation of the contemporary semen retention movement. Semen is compared to the male life energy in this culture. It is believed that losing semen causes both mental and physical inertia.

Many religious systems and ideologies promote self-control in various ways because it can be empowering.

Hinduism promotes awareness of and control over the senses, whereas some Christian denominations restrict sex before marriage. Judaism observes fasts throughout the year. All of these techniques are intended to shift focus away from momentary pleasure and toward physical, mental, and spiritual development 

Does semen retention have benefits?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest any benefits of semen retention. In fact, some studies suggest that ejaculating could have positive effects, like decreasing the risk of prostate cancer (Rider 2016). 

Despite the lack of evidence, men on the subreddit r/Semenretention claim tangible health benefits including reduced anxiety, increased energy, and even skin gaining a glow. Posters on r/Semenretention also cite a number of dubious experts and scientific sources who support such sexual health claims. 

Even as the practice has strayed from its Taoist roots, the community surrounding semen retention more closely resembles a religious one than a group of sexual science devotees. Again, there is no evidence to back up any of the purported benefits.

Abstaining, on the other hand, may increase testosterone levels and semen volume, leading to more pleasurable orgasms

Is semen retention the same thing as abstinence? 

Semen retention is practiced in many different ways and for a variety of reasons. Some who wish to increase their “male energy” (one benefit claimed by Reddit posters) may choose to be completely abstinent and refrain from sexual activity altogether. 

Others choose to masturbate and have sex while still practicing semen retention. Those who engage in sexual activity while trying to retain semen mostly use two methods: edging and retrograde ejaculation.

Edging involves coming right up to the point of orgasm and stopping. Edging is also practiced as a way to treat premature ejaculation and to encourage sexual control (Martin, 2017). 

Retrograde ejaculation occurs when you have an orgasm, but instead of semen releasing through the penis, it’s diverted back up into the bladder. Retrograde ejaculation, also referred to as a dry orgasm, is a medical condition caused by certain medications (Parnham, 2016). This is different from those who intentionally employ techniques to retain semen. 

Are there any risks?

Semen retention does come with some risks. Not ejaculating can lead to a condition called epididymal hypertension, more commonly known as blue balls. 

During an erection, blood builds up in the penis and testicles. This blood normally dissipates after ejaculation or when arousal comes to an end. If an erection persists without relief it can become painful and the balls can become enlarged, sometimes turning blue 

How is it done? 

Semen retention can be achieved through abstinence, edging, or retrograde ejaculation. Here’s a bit more detail on each:

Abstinence is simply refraining from all sexual activity with or without a partner. 

Edging is having sex, but not reaching orgasm. Practicing edging takes a lot of self-control. While masturbating or having sex, learn to listen to your body and what it feels like before you orgasm. Before you reach the point of no return, stop sexual activity. It may help to squeeze the tip of the penis to prevent an orgasm. 

Retrograde ejaculation may be the most satisfying of the options for retaining semen, but it still takes a lot of self-control. Similar to edging, you’ll have to pay careful attention to your body in order to achieve retrograde ejaculation. When it feels like you’re about to have an orgasm, press on the perineum, the area between the scrotum and anus, in order to prevent semen from exiting. This will divert semen into the bladder. 

These techniques may take practice before you can get them right. It may help to experiment while masturbating before trying semen retention methods with a partner. Make sure to discuss your goal with any sexual partners to ensure they understand and are comfortable with what you’re trying to achieve. 

Semen retention isn’t the magic bullet to better health as some online forums make it out to be. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and healthy sex life are more likely to provide the physical and emotional benefits you need to live a happier life.


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